Identity & Culture

Two of InterVarsity's core values intersect on this page. 

Ethnic Reconciliation and Justice - We pursue ethnic reconciliation by practicing mutual empowerment, grace and truth and by promoting personal and systemic justice

Missions - We serve God and partner with His people to extend His kingdom cross-culturally on campus and around the world

We want to help you and your student group grow in awareness of your God-given ethnic identity and in your ability to cross cultures for the sake of the Gospel.  But, you may be asking


Sometimes in life our choices can be overwhelming.  Did you know Jif® sells 13 kinds of peanut butter spreads?  That's a lot of choices.  Sometimes it's hard to know what our next steps should be as we seek to grow in cross cultural competency and ethnic identity.  There are a lot of great resources available to help you--far more options than peanut butter choices.  Sometimes too many options lead us to indecision and inactivity.  This page is the place where you can go for simplicity.  Answering just 2 questions will help you choose a resource to help you take the next steps.
1) What is my group's level of experience with these conversations?
2) How much time will we commit to this conversation?
Click on the grid below to get started.

-Inclusion of a resource does not necessarily indicate endorsement of the organization, website, or author.  These suggestions are to help start discussions rather than answer all your questions.  We hope when you find topics that challenge or encourage you that you will begin to look more deeply on your own.
-Resources will be updated approximately quarterly and will encompass a variety of subjects, ethnicities, news items, etc. It is possible if not likely, that a particular concern of yours may not be represented this time. Growing in issues that seem to be associated with an ethnic group of which you are not a part is good for you and for those around you.  Next time the resource page is updated others may find themselves looking at an issue that seems to pertain more to you than them.  And similarly, their growth will be a blessing to you.

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